Wedding Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

My name is Michaela and I am the founder of Mitheo Events, a premium wedding and event planning company with offices in Athens, Greece and Lake Como, Italy. Every year, we design only a limited number of inspiring destination weddings and luxury events while international publications and established blogs frequently feature our stylish events. We serve destination clients coming from US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, China, Dubai, Lebanon, so due to the Covid-19 situation, almost all of our destination weddings and events both in Greece and Italy are postponed for 2021.

With the events industry being the most impacted in postponements and cancellations, Ι want to share with you how I became stronger as an entrepreneur during the current crisis and the next steps I took as a business owner after the lockdown in order to level up my event planning company.

Take Action

It is very important to be decisive & take action, do not allow the stress and fear to block your vision and stop your inspiration: Adapt during lock down, be flexible, with compassion, and be ready to change your business, prepare for the new normal and plan your actions for after lock down experience, to ensure growth and success.

Respecting lock down measurements in Greece, I confronted and still do face the same challenges, as so many professionals and entrepreneurs go through. Working through the coronavirus pandemic has been no easy task for anyone, including my event wedding and event planning business.

No1 Step: The first step I took as a manager, was to make sure that my team members were keeping their spirits up, empowering and keeping them motivated with constant communication via daily Zoom meetings and group what’s up calls.

No2 Step: Our priority was and still is to make this crisis as smooth as possible for our clients, always with the constant support of our creative partners. My team works effectively  to serve our clients, being always at their side.

No3 Step: Lock down gave us more time to look at our processes and systems and develop further as a business, with focus on making our on line presence stronger. At transition, there are actions you can take to make your business stronger during this time. As I wanted to offer real value to our community and to our online followers, we decided to share original content of virtual tours from the most unique wedding and event destinations and beautiful venues around Greece & Italy, from our site inspections and real events. We received great response from our community.

No4 Step: Creativity and my eagerness to make, to produce, to dream for our clients will not be off or postponed, regardless the current situation. As creatives, together with our in-house artists and designers we are in the process of actually making all handcrafted samples for our clients and designing new ideas to present them on line for inspiration.

So how is Life after lock down- What is the new normal?

No5 Step: It is important to prepare your business and actively plan for the post-lock down future. From office sanitization and social distance practicing during meetings, to planning the next business activities, it is essential to be proactive and plan ahead.  

We are now very excited to be back in our office, as Greece eases the corona virus restrictions.

No6 Step: To this journey I have together my wonderful team of wedding professionals and event collaborators and we never stopped communicating and sharing our worries, thoughts and experiences together.  We are so happy we are now able to arrange one-to-one meetings with our creative partners by working also on new projects which we will reveal soon!


Safe Destination Weddings in Greece

Greece is now considered as a safe destination and some of our couples may also be able to travel here this summer by themselves, if the situation in their countries allows it. For those who make it happen, we have suggested a live stream elopement or exchange of vows with breath taking sceneries prior to their upcoming wedding next year. We hope for this to allow the couples share their love and special moments with their families and guests and spread positivity.


As an entrepreneur what helps me stay positive is to be active. My driving force and daily motivation is to always act in every difficult situation and seek for ways to make the best out of it, by creating new and growth opportunities and aiming high!

Act with honesty and integrity to your team, your clients, to your creative partners, but most importantly to yourself. Be resilient and never forget that your actions now, will define the future of your business.

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has been significant for the wedding industry. Companies that are able to prepare their next steps today, stand for bigger success tomorrow.


PHOTO: Sotiris Tsakanikas | VIDEOGRAPHY: Anthony Verikis