The magical celebrations and captivating moments are made into experiences for a lifetime, captured by the most talented photographers and videographers, who we are proud to have as creative partners. Every special detail, couple's dream and vibrant party are cherished for ever thankful to the skill and talent of these incredible people.


John Nassari

Internationally acclaimed photographer John Nassari has captured many of our wedding events, including our intimate Santorini nuptials with an unconventional view and immense sensitivity. This London-based photographer's unique vision and style has produced wedding pictures of impeccable beauty from our luxury wedding events, during a fantastic collaboration.

Vangelis Photography

Internationally loved by couples of every nationality and with a long experience of capturing elaborate luxury wedding and events around the world, Vangelis Beltzenitis is renowned for producing immaculate, vibrant, alive photos. His deep knowledge of the Greek islands morphology and use of natural light are important elements he uses to narrate each couple's story while embracing their heritage and personality, as seen for our Hindu Santorini wedding event.

Andrian Wood

A favorite professional among brides from around the world, British photographer Adrian Wood is featured in renowned wedding blogs and has captured our charming Floral wedding production in Elafonisos, Greece. His specialty is to use real film delivering more than just flattering skin tones, vibrant colors, truthful images, a soft timeless feel and luxury appeal combined in the most authentic feel.

Mindart Photography

With a fresh and personal approach, vibrant energy and team of talented professionals, Mindart Photography insightful captions of our luxury events, are a sight for sore eyes. Crisp and modern, while deeply emotional and delicate, their photography truly captures the unique moments of a wedding, creating memories that will last forever as seen for our Hydra wedding.

Anna Fowler

Lovely and talented Anna Fowler is full of energy and passion for their work. Her modern style, love for natural brides and focus on fully complimenting the female form create stunning and captivating images that truly mirror the personality and inner beauty of every couple and celebrate the bridal glow. Our collaboration in our Dusty Grey Mykonos wedding is just an example of her art.

arChive Photography

Angela and George's eclectic and edgy personalities blend harmoniously into a pair of photographers dedicated to perfection through arChive Photography. Having capture some of our swoon-worthy events such as our Blush Pink wedding in Athens Riviera and many of our corporate events, their passion and focus the special details of the event are the key to amazing imagery.

Spyros Kanatas

A unique use of lighting and the most vibrant colours and textures are the photographic trademark of Spyros Kanatas. With a style that is slightly adjusted to compliment each individual concept, this photographer has offer an inside vision of the era and its aesthetics for our Great Gatsby inspired wedding event.


John Nassari

Our homepage video presentation as well as other incredible videos of our amazing wedding productions in Athens, Santorini and Crete, are the work of extremely charismatic John Nassari as a cinematographer who can effortlessly capture the style and character of our brand as well as our unique process of planning an event. With a crisp yet beautifully sensitive style, he focuses  on the face, soul and feelings of the protagonists for a deeply personalized result.

Nikos Dimou

With modern and unique videography style, capturing with honesty, emotion and authenticity the true wedding experience of our couples, Nikos Dimou produces unforgettable wedding videos that keep the memories intact for eternity. His video coverage of wedding events  in Athens Riviera and Elafonisos , are  the most accurate, lively and romantic depiction of the luxury and romance which filled these beautiful celebrations, thanks to his long experience,  working with couples of different origin and culture from around the world.

Lux Filmography

Extremely talented and omnipresent Christina Kontoyanni channels her vibrating energy on beautiful Lux Filmography videos that accurately capture the vibe, style and special details of our luxury event productions. Wise use of her surroundings and stylish montage and an exiting flow are the hard-to-miss characteristics of Christina’s work, with a prime example being the coverage of our Ancient Greece inspired Mykonos wedding event.

Mont Videography

Mont's Videography team consists of talented Natalya and Tassos who make a point on capturing the very essence of each  individual event. The emotions, gestures and expressions of the couple and their loved ones are masterfully blend into insightful videos that express the feeling and excitement of their unique moment. Our collaboration in our elegant Dusty Grey Mykonos wedding production is a fine example of their creativity and passion, and we are very proud of their video to be awarded as Best of Greece 2017.