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Destination Wedding & Event Planner Greece & Italy

Mitheo Events orchestrates fine luxury weddings and events with great artistry and a high level of craftmanship, for discerning, thrill seeking individuals and prestigious companies who treasure the value of a truly unique and extraordinary experience in Greece or Italy. Whether opting for a vibrant seaside celebration in the land of light and myths or an elegant and romantic affair at a trademark villa of the Italian countryside, Mitheo Events masterfully creates memories for a lifetime.

Each perfect wedding day or bespoke event is elaborated with an attention to detail and a desire to transform the client’s expectations into an experience that captivates all senses. As a top destination wedding planner in Greece and Italy, Mitheo Events plans and delivers exceptionally designed events that are greatly sophisticated yet so effortless.

Jetsetters, adventurers, celebrities, high profile families and elite brands with exceptional taste will find unrivalled exclusivity, impeccable style and innovation in the creative partnership with Mitheo Events, leading to extraordinary events that are executed flawlessly, with complete discretion.

Whether a luxe celebration in Lake Como, a glamorous wedding weekend in Athens, an opulent wedding reception in an Amalfi Coast mansion or a picturesque private party in Florence, Mitheo Events will craft intriguing, visionary events above all expectations, ensuring an unforgettable experience.


Mitheo Events specializes in destination weddings and events in two of the most romantic, culturally stimulating countries in Europe, loved by celebrities and socialites from across the globe; Greece and Italy. Each has its own unique regional details that evoke, delight and surprise the senses.


From cosmopolitan chic to pleasantly peaceful, the Greek islands offer magical venues for weddings, stylish social gatherings and prestigious parties. Mitheo Events can organize a trip to the white-washed town of Santorini, dotted with stacked sugar-cube homes and cliff-top castles that give guests breathtaking views of the Aegean. Or Athens, where a mix of ancient history and contemporary chic make for a unique celebration location. And then there is the serene glamour of Mykonos, which beckons travelers to its golden beaches, posh boutiques and exceptional eateries.   


Mitheo Events loves planning once-in-a-lifetime events in Italy that are immersed in the Mediterranean brio of the Italian tradition of timeless architecture, inspirational art, savory wine and fine dining. World capital of fashion, timeless elegance and beauty, Italy attracts prominent members of the global elite, actors and celebrities who select its picturesque locations for their wedding celebrations and parties. Whether hosting a glamorous wedding in a majestic 19th century palazzo built by a wealthy Italian Renaissance family or planning a private party retreat at a quiet historic villa, Italy is the premier destination for those who seek a rich, cultural event experience that dazzles the mind and awakens the senses.

Florence is home to the famed Michelangelo's David and invites guests to stroll through its museums, experience the bliss that is gelato and take in the sunset from a tower. Tuscany, with its picturesque hills and flourishing vineyards is the perfect place to host an intimate party complete with fine wine and delicious food. In Venice, couples will fall in love all over again as they drift down the canals in a gondola or take in the history and architecture of the city. And Lake Como enchants guests with its natural beauty while they celebrate in a lush garden of a historic villa or a serene lakeside spot.

Palazzo style refers to an architectural style of the 19th and 20th centuries based upon the palazzi (palaces) built by wealthy families of the Italian Renaissance. 


Mitheo Events’ signature aesthetic is one of glamour, sophistication and the kind of elegance that worldly, stylish couples will revel in. Mitheo Events calls on their in-depth knowledge of Greece and Italy to create bespoke destination weddings and stylish soirees that inspire and enrich.

Mitheo Events takes wedding planning to the next level by organizing and styling fine luxury destination weddings in Greece and Italy, leveraging formal education in fine art and fashion. The result is a refined wedding that tells a unique love story and reflects the couples’ personality and vision. Mitheo Events works closely with couples and brands, captures their desires and ideas, and provides support throughout the whole wedding planning process. From logistics to design to execution, Mitheo Events is always by the client’s side, ensuring a dream destination wedding in Italy or Greece that is anything but ordinary.

Working with Mitheo Events, couples can relax knowing that the wedding coordination and design will be professionally handled to perfection, ensuring they are able to be fully immersed in their special day. Mitheo Events enables access to top venues, concierge, travel assistance and guest management service, making the whole process stress-free and seamless.


Luxury weddings in Greece are a magical, almost transcending, unforgettable experience, and as a top wedding planner in Greece, Mitheo Events unveils the full potential this enchanting country has to offer, from premier venues and first-class service to unique activities and unparalleled hospitality. From the Mediterranean climate to the rich culture and beautiful scenery, Greece holds the key to the lover’s heart.


Romance flourishes wherever you look in Italy, making it a perfect location for a luxury destination wedding. Lush gardens, historical hotels, old-world elegance and the finest food and wine are what draw high society to have their weddings in this beautiful country. Celebrities and members of the elite society are in a love with the picturesque Italian regions, where imposing palazzos and endless meadows create a spectacular wedding backdrop.


Mitheo Events plans bespoke celebrations for a distinguished clientele, in Greece and Italy. From seaside locations and coveted island destinations to charming and blooming cliffsides , the luxury event planner coordinates tailor-made parties that are as timeless and inspired as they are innovative.

We’ve added our artistic touch to special occasions of every kind, from illustrious birthday bashes and epic anniversary receptions to launch parties, photo shoots, corporate events, private dinner parties, bachelorette escapes and numerous other festivities. Whether you’re celebrating a meaningful milestone as a couple or company, Mitheo Events will ensure it is of the event of the decade.

The world’s foremost brands and families trust us to execute their vision with style, grace and the utmost privacy. We bring an unrivaled commitment of excellence to every destination affair we manage, procuring only the finest local service providers and venues in Italy and Greece to produce the kind of affair every guest will marvel at.


It isn’t a secret that Greece is one of the best places to plan the most vibrant and lavish party of all times. Greece event planner Mitheo Events has the knowledge and professional relations and vendor liaisons to plan unforgettable life and business events. Host a luxury social event by the Aegean sea, sip cocktails by candlelight in celebration of an anniversary or make it a weekend fete complete with divine traditional Greek food and local wine.  


Italy event planner Mitheo Events plans extraordinary parties that are as unique as the clients they serve and all within one of the most coveted destinations in the world. Italy offers socialites the refined, unparalleled options in food, landscapes and high-class hospitality. Throw a fashionable fete on a yacht, gather friends for a birthday party in the Tuscan countryside or enjoy an evening of fine dining by candlelight for a special anniversary.




"Thank you Mitheo Events for such a tremendous night, our wedding was beyond our expectations and was absolutely stunning!"




"Mitheo Events goes all out in making your dreams come true"


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